Often I hear my two-year-old at night or even during the day in his little voice say, “I want to hold you.”  AKA – I want to be held.  Something I also hear him say every night and nearly every quiet time is, “Can I have snuggles?” or “Snuggle me two mins?” I love snuggling him and  I don’t think I’ve ever denied him.

Today, as I put him to quiet time  he routinely asked, “Can I have snuggles?” but he added  “I want a lot of snuggles!”  After I heard his cute little voice say he wanted  a lot of snuggles I had a big smile on my face!  I thought the same thought, I want a lot of snuggles!

As I reflected on how my son longs to be snuggled, I thought how I long to be snuggled by Jesus.  Jesus never denies me of snuggles.  He is always willing to stay with me for two more mins.  Today I was snuggled as I listened to the song, “My Beloved.”  You can be snuggled today too. Why not ask for, extra snuggles!


One thought on “Extra Snuggles!

  1. When I was a little girl, I loved it when my daddy’s arms would be wrapped around me.

    I often tell my husband when he has his arms around me, that this is my favorite place – to be held in his embrace.

    The same is true (even more true) with God. When I’m basking in His presence, it feels as though He has His arms around me – my favorite place to be.

    Good article, Andrea!

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