I have rotting pumpkins.

I’ve been studying Jeremiah lately and tonight reading chapter five in the Message I’ve been stuck on verse 10 “Go down the rows of vineyards and rip out the vines, but not all of them. Leave a few. Prune back those vines! That growth didn’t come from God!”

I often think growth is good. My kids grow an inch and I smile. My flowers bloom and I rejoice. Growth is good right? Then I thought about the rotting pumpkins on my porch. Even though I have sprayed them with bleach, and probably killed a squirrel because s/he took a bite, I still have rotting pumpkins. Growth isn’t all-good and mold can grow even on the prettiest carved pumpkin.

Thinking about my pretty molded pumpkins a question came to my mind: What growth in my life isn’t from God? Even though I may be elegantly carved, produce luscious seeds and a glowing candle to light up the dark, it doesn’t mean I’m with out mold.

Whether you have growing, glowing, or ghostly pumpkins on your porch ask God  what you are growing, glowing and maybe ghostly hiding. Jesus wants your heart no matter what is in it or on it – he can handle any growth good or bad.

One thought on “Rotting Pumpkins!

  1. I love the way you take the simplest things in life and make an analogy to our Christian walk! Keep up the good work!

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