Love is Looking at You

I don’t know about you, but one thing I really like is to be noticed.  I grew up as an only child.  I have a half-brother, but he is twenty years older than me.  We never grew up in the same home, so we joke that we are BOTH only children.  One thing you probably know about only children is they like attention.  They like to be the center of attention!  I’m no different from any other only child, as I like attention.

Some of you might not have grown up as an only child, but you too like attention.  Who really doesn’t?  Most women I know love attention, and probably would be classified as high maintenance.  I therefore am a high maintenance only child!  My husband is well aware that I need lots of love and affection.  Just the other night he said to me, “you don’t have just one love language, you have ALL FIVE!”  Yep, I think He’s right.  I have all five, and I’m in continual need of never-ending love and affection.

One thing I’ve learned is that my husband can never fully satisfy me with all the love and attention I need, but I do know someone who can – Jesus!  I didn’t come into marriage thinking that my husband would fulfill my needs, because my needs have always been met by Jesus.  Truly, no one else can meet them.

Even though Jesus is the only one who can fully meet my needs, I really like when a friend, acquaintance or someone I don’t even know acknowledges me.  Acknowledgement can occur in various ways.  For instance, one way I like to be acknowledged is by a simple hello or smile.  I usually don’t need a drawn out “Hey, how are ya?” but a simple hello when passing is nice.

The thing I like most about a simple hello or smile is it usually involves eye contact.  When you make eye contact with someone, you are noticed!  When you are noticed, you feel valued in the fact that someone took the time to acknowledge you exist.  A simple acknowledgement can do wonders.

We all know Jesus did wonders in the Bible.  However, have you thought about how he did wonders by just looking at someone?  There are a few stories in the Gospels where Jesus made eye contact or looked at someone and great things happened.  In Mark 10:21 The Message says, “Jesus looked him hard in the eye and loved him!”  The story goes on to say how Jesus told the man to sell whatever he had and give it to the poor.  This man was holding on tight to his earthy possessions and couldn’t let go.  It is sad that he couldn’t let go, but it is delightful to think that Jesus took the time to look at him.  He looked him right in the eye and “loved him.”  Could you imagine being looked at by Love?

The great news is Love looks at us every day sometimes I think we just don’t look back.  Luke 13:12 mentions a lady who was sick and was so bent over with arthritis that she couldn’t look up at Jesus.  However, Jesus could look at her.  I love these words, “When Jesus saw her, he called her over. “Woman you’re free!”  He laid hands on her and suddenly she was standing straight and tall.”  So even when or if we can’t look up, Jesus looks at us.

I believe that Jesus is looking at me and even when I’m sad or struck by some thing or circumstance in which I can’t even look up, He sees me.  He never takes His eyes off me.  He cherishes me.  He wants to make eye contact with me and show me love.  If you can, look at Him, and show your affection back to Him.  If you can’t look up, revel in the fact that He is looking at you.   Love is looking at you.