My personal definition of grace is – Jesus covers me.

Last summer I recognized God working in my heart allowing grace to replace shame.  I began to notice how frequently I talked negative toward myself.  Sometimes I even caught myself saying negative things out loud in front of my children.  When I finally realized I had been shaming myself for years, I was sad that I lacked grace.  It sounds funny, but I’d like to say I met grace.  And, once I met grace, I slowly started to change.

One way I learned how to experience God’s grace was from Pastor Wendell Smith.  He once said something like, when you ask God to forgive you don’t make it a statement; make it a question.  For example, don’t say, “God forgive me of _____.”   When you say a statement like that you often don’t hear a yes back.  Alternatively, when you ask, “God will you forgive me of ________?” You will always hear yes! It is really nice hearing God say yes.