I’m Only Human!

Yesterday I woke up thinking, “Why can’t I do it all?!?”  Why can’t I just say the right things (all the time), think the right thoughts (all the time), feel only happy feelings (all the time), be the right mommy (all the time), be the right wife (all the time), be the right (all the time)… Then the next major question that flew into my mind was “Why must I have help?!?” “Why am I not strong enough?” You may be laughing at me or yourself because you might think, “Awe those people who think they can do it all,” or “I am one of those people who can do it ALL, and I do it good!” The truth is we are human!  Sometimes as Christians we forget how frail we are.  A verse that frequently comes to my mind is Psalm 103: 13 “He knows our frame; He is mindful we are dust.” God knows how human we are. Sometimes we forget. We also forget the humanity of Jesus.  Jesus lived life as a human. A human who hurt, a human who laughed, a human who played, a human who cried… A human who needs to be remembered as a God who was human!

Later in the day, while I was driving, (after getting help from someone) the idea of God making a helper for Adam reminded me that I don’t and wasn’t made to do things alone.  From the beginning of mankind God knew we needed help!  He created another helper. I can’t do it all, and that is okay!  I’m not designed to do IT ALL! You can’t do it all, and that is okay! You were not designed to do it ALL!

So give yourself a break! Put up your help wanted sign because we all need help!